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WhatsApp for Android

"WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application to send and receive SMS messages without paying. In Whatsapp for Android you can download this application on all devices with Android OS."

WhatsApp is available for Android, but also iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phone. On this page we will work to explain how to download WhatsApp for Android.

WhatsApp users can create groups and send images, videos and audio messages, and also have a variety of icons.

WhatsApp for Android allows group apply icons and unlimited number of characters for sending and receiving messages.

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In the world there are about 10 million users who use this application and who send about 2.000 million messages per day.

WhatsApp Download is possible for Android, iOS and other operating systems.

WhatsApp for Android - How to Download

To download and install the App WhatsApp for Android operating system on a Smartphone, first we have to open the Market Application or Google Play.

Then click on search and write Whatsapp. Shown a list of different Apps, and we click in Whatsapp Messenger.

Shown description of this application with some pictures and comments. We click in Install and then OK and Download.

Whatsapp for Android Device and messages

Now start the download and installation. When installation is complete we close the Google Play from our Android terminal.

Once we close Google Play, on the last screen of Smartphone applications appears Whatsapp. Click on its icon and open the application.

A screen of terms and conditions appears and click OK. After we wrote our phone number and our name for Whatsapp and we can use the Whatsapp App in our Android terminal.

Use and enjoy this application.

By downloading this application you can communicate from Android Smartphone with all those contacts that have downloaded Whatsapp on their mobile devices. Whether with Smartphones and Tablets with Android OS, like iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, and even PC.

WhatsApp News

WhatsApp is updated with new version 2.11.49. This new version fixes some bugs of the previous, improvement location service and presented as novelty a video editor. With the new video editor, you can cut the clips that you send to your contacts to avoid reaching the limit of 16 GB which has Whatsapp.

The emergence of this new version of Whatsapp and developments recently included in their service must be to the competition increasingly important that have with other instant messaging applications such as Line, WeChat, and others.

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How works WhatsApp Android

A click means that the message has reached the server, and two clicks means that the message has been received by the recipient's device, but not that he have read.

To create a group in Whatsapp, click on the application menu, then click the New Group option and finally write the group name in "Subject". If we want to add participants press the "+" icon in the contact list.

To send a picture, video or audio file we click on the clip that is on the top right of the screen. Then you will see six options: Gallery, Photo, Video, Audio, Location and Contact.

  1. Gallery: To send images, videos and photographs we have in our gallery

  2. Photo: To take a photo and send it right away.

  3. Video: We can choose a video from the Gallery or record a new one from your camera and send it.

  4. Audio: We can go to the music player, select a song or record a voice message with Whatsapp and send it to our contacts.

  5. Location: We can send our current location to the contact we want. Run by GPS and our contact receive our location via Google Maps.

  6. Contact: We look for the phone number of one of our contacts and send it by Whatsapp to the contact we have selected. No need to memorize the number or leave the chat.

Another option that this application allows us is to change our profile picture. So, we have to enter in the options Menu - Settings - Profile. Once inside our profile, click on the image and can choose the photo we want in our phone.

To change our state entered the Menu and then we click on "Status". If we want to customize our state, click on the pencil icon and write whatever we want.

You can link Whatsapp contacts in our mobile phone calendar, if we want to group, like the groups we have in this instant messaging application. The steps we have to do to link contacts to WhatsApp for Android are:

  • We access the Whatsapp's contact on the agenda

  • We click the icon as a string

  • Then the option "Connect other Contact" appears at the bottom of the screen and click above this option.

An important function that can be performed on WhatsApp for Android is to customize the contacts. In our phonebook, we can customize Whatsapp contacts in various ways: Groups, Melody, Message Alert and Vibration Mode.

A new feature that can be used in Whatsapp for Android and is currently in the testing phase is to display images in the web links. This feature, for now, appears only in some web links and can see the images we have of having enabled by default on our Smartphone Android the auto-downloading of images. Otherwise, we will not see this application.